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Monday, 25 July 2011

Things have happened, and I've moved on...

Well, were to start..?

I guess we all have dreams. Most of the time, they stay dreams, constantly the subject of a wishful ponder.

Well, a few months ago I lost my job. It wasn't a bad thing. It wasn't because of me. But it became the circumstances that made me realise some dreams are worth trying out.

While I have dreams that are bigger than this one.. that I hope to fulfil in the next 10-15 years of my life.. this is where I'm starting.. A food and craft blog... clique? I suppose.

But that's not stopping me from being uniquely me, and bringing what I have to the table as well.

I've decided to start afresh. A brand new blog. I'm a graphic designer, and I've always shuddered looking at the disarray of 'Oh!! I like that!!'. So with one end, came a new beginning.

I did think the banners all around my site would have informed people that I had moved, but I still get an awful lot of traffic for a site that I barely touch. So, just incase you're a faithful subscriber, come on over to:

So the dream.. to be a part-time blogger, part-time designer.. working for myself, from my own home, and able to maintain an income if ever I have children.. 

There's so much to do.. I know most of you can relate. My to do list just grows and grows, and everything seems important.. (like my tax return.. grrrr).. 

Well, here I am... signing off from this blog for a long time.. I may use it again one day, but for now, I have a new baby, and I must attend to it. 

Wish me luck, pray for me, it's kinda a big deal if this dream comes true. 

And most importantly, please come to my new hangout.. the grass really is greener over there

Until next time... blessings, joy, and love - no really, I mean it. 

Kimanh x 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Chickpea Crunch - Recipe

So, what does one do when your craving something to munch, and you really can't justify heading out to buy some junk food??

Chickpeas in the oven!

It can't get much simpler than that.

Here's the recipe below...


Monday, 9 May 2011

POTATOES! I can't get enough! (Hassleback Recipe)

Recently, I realised how much I admire potatoes for the satisfaction and fill-factor they give me. To me, they're like a blank canvas. You can flavour as you will, and cook to whatever texture you desire! I am hands down a fan of the crunch-factor. Give me a bag of chips/crisps any day!

Although it's easy to cook potatoes like this, I thought it was worth sharing a pic where I thought they looked like gorgeous golden clam shells. I was expecting people for dinner last Friday as wasn't sure whether I would have enough food, so I thought I would break the potatoes in half (after I had prepped them), and voila, double the pieces!

To make Hasselback Baked Potatoes:

- Pre-heat oven to about 220ºC (425ºF).
- Cut large potatoes on half (length ways)
- Slice to create cuts seen in the pic (but don't cut all the way through!)
- Lay on lightly oiled baking dish, spay lightly in oil.
- Season with you favorite flavours.
- Cover in tin foil.
- Place in Oven for 40-50mins. Check on them every now and then. You are looking for a golden colour, with a but of crunch around the edges.

For this dish I flavoured it with a bit of salt and pepper as it was going to be served with a gravy.


Kolhrab Again...

Since I discovered what Kohlrabi was, and since I discovered that I can use it to make Som Tom, I was as pleased as ever to receive it again in my veggie box delivery this week.

The recipe using Kohlrabi can be found on a previous post here. Today I thought I would play around with my camera, and voila, I think my photo turned out not bad thank you very much. BUT I realised that I had forgotten a vital ingredient :( Can you guess what it is?

kohlrabi recipe photo food styling

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Spring Greens Recipe

Spring Greens! Yum O! I love how earthy and wholesome spring greens are. The last time I used spring greens it was an experiment gone right! So I thought I would share with you today a meal made in less than 5 mins.

You will need:

  • Old rice (preferably from the day before, from fridge is great. Don't use freshly cooked rice, otherwise it will be more like a porridge)
  • Spring greens
  • Ginger powder
  • Korean red pepper powder (the kind to make kimchi)
  • Juice from half an orange
  • Soy sauce
  1. Place cold rice in pan, and add heat. You may need to add some spoons of water if the rice is hard
  2. Cut spring greens while the rice is cooking, add to pan. 
  3. Season with ginger powder, red pepper powder, and  little soy sauce.
  4. When the spring greens are starting to limp, squeeze the juice from half and orange into the dish.
No quantities have been added as this is well, a left-overs dish. So be sure to taste what you're adding to get the flavour just right. The flavour is slightly reminiscent of Kimchi, but has a tangy, sweet earthy feel all at once.. And the best thing, it only take a few minutes to prepare so long as you have some left over rice.