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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dream Cats

It's not the world's great pic.. but this is my husband up close and person with some Cheetahs! He was in South Africa for work a few weeks ago and had this awesome opportunity!!


  1. It is a nice pic - the fuzziness gives it a very calm feeling. You should check out the CPT. It is near my studio and i love to go look at the big cats.

  2. Hey Kitty.. so true about the pic.. that's awesome that you work near the big cats!

  3. Oh my gosh! I want to know more! Was he working with the cheetahs? Is that what he does? What is he doing with them? He doesn't look tentative or afraid, so obviously he is skilled with wild animals--how did he learn such skills? There's a real story in that picture!

  4. HI Donna,

    Sadly, my husband works with computers not Cheetahs!

    I was just in Bloemfontein (in South Africa) the other week, which is where this "Big Cats" refuge is, and I didn't have a change to visit :(

    Just some FYI - Cheetahs are the only cat that can be trained. They are actually more like dogs. I had a friend that worked with Cheetahs for a few years, and he wouldn't trust any other big cat.

    You must visit South Africa! You would love to experience all the wildlife.. I'm going to post some pictures soon of a game drive that I did.

    Keep well :)