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Monday, 22 March 2010

Oh! Window Farms! Now, that's what I like to see!

During my daily affair with StumbleUpon, I stumbled across Window Farms promote a fantastic DIY project. But in actual fact, Window Farms, has been termed a R-DIY project; for

Research, and Develop it Yourself.

The whole aim is to see fresh produce growing in your own home.

On a recent flight overseas, I watched a documentary on the manufacturing of food which actually made me feel so sick I had to turn it off (as, that plus flying was not a good combination for my stomach.) Although I don't remember all the scientific terms, and repercussions some of everyday food is making, one thing that stood out with neon lights is; it's not about my body, not about my health or well-being, these big food corporates exists to make MONEY!!! (Well duh, I just never dwelled on the thought before)

We're a means to an ends! And that ends has no positive impact for me.

So, point being, by growing your own food, YOU know what's in it. You know that it hasn't been genetically modified (buy organic). You can start to be in control of what you eat - yes, even if you live in a apartment where you don't even own in inch of soil.

Window Farms has an online community of people that are passionate about the dream of growing your own food in urban areas. You can join, learn and contribute tips and tricks that you have learned while making your own Window Farm.

Join the growth:

Oh, and one of the best things about this R-DIY, is that you're recycling plastic bottles, with bits and pieces from your hardware store! Leaving you free of a gimmicky piece of equipment that you need to buy!

Are you as keen as I am!?


  1. wow, how cool! I think I saw the same film a few months ago! It made me mad and want to change my way of eating and buying!

  2. Yes, maybe it was the same! I totally felt the same way... did they talk a lot about corn ???

  3. C'est rigolo et astucieux !