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Friday, 14 May 2010

Blogging is a Strange Thing...

As in, I haven't blogged for a few weeks now, and I feel GUILTY!!!

Why? I don't know for sure? But I think it's because I have close to 500 hundred readers and I feel the need to provide good and constant content! (And to all of the almost 500 readers - Thank you, thank you thank you!!! It's awesome to know that people are tuning in!)

Just incase you haven't picked up along the way that I live in the UK - I do. But I find myself writing this post from an unlikely place.

Las Vegas. That's right, I'm in Vegas baby. (Thankfully not on the strip!)

My husband contracts to a bit an IT guru... he does most of his work in the UK, but occasionally comes to Las Vegas where his boss lives to do some work. Mark had left for the States on a Wednesday for a month. Needless to say, I was going to miss him!

Then on Friday, Mark called and asked if I wanted to come out as well and help with the project. Being a freelance graphic designer, I can, and did say YES!

So here I am! It's my first time to America. Unfortunately I've been working really hard - pulled an all-nighter two nights ago, but at least I'm with my husband :)

So incase you've been wondering, that's why I'm off the radar. I'll be back in the UK in a week and a half.

I'm loving the warmth, I love doing grocery shopping here (I've only been to Albertsons) and I love big portions when I eat out!

So a BIG HELLO from the same continent that many of my readers are from!

Kimanh xo

p.s. Things should be slowing down here soon, i can't wait to show you some of my FAVOURITE Australia brands - watch this space!


  1. Just discovering your wonderful, fun, informative, entertaining blog - thanks to a link at So glad you were able to experience the US. I just wish I could experience "down under".

    I know what you mean about the blog guilt thing. I only had a tiny little blog for awhile. Well, it's still there....but there's been no content added for months. I'm a big wuss (sp?) and couldn't handle the pressure of even a weekly post, so I gave it up. I got great feed-back from my friends, but it was too big of a responsibility. I'm semi-retired after all and supposed to be enjoying ease and comfort and lack of stress, etc., etc.

    Sorry - didn't mean to keep blathering. I'm off to explore some more posts. Gotta get off here soon, however, 'cause I've gotta go create some shrink plastic pin heads, and buttons...and who knows what else by the time I finish exploring.

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

  2. Hey, thanks for reading.. I've slipped again!! I haven't caught up with myself since getting back from the States! And, I have a lovely veggie garden that I spend lots of time in.. but will be blogging about soon!!

    Kimanh xo