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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How to make a crafty HOT plate??? Tutorial

So I had this idea to make flat marbles into a hot plate.. But Mark (my beloved) said that he thought someone had already done that! I dared not look!! So to me, this is as original as can be :P

Here we go..


  • A base for your hot plate. I used a rectangular piece of wood. (I would have used a circular shape if I had one.)
  • Paper and Pens. I decided to draw my own designs. You can of course use paper with a pattern on it ready for you to cut.
  • A circle hole punch the size of the flat base of the marbles. Or scissors will do the job.
  • Glue. Use a silicon based glue, as this is great for using on glass.
  • Flat Glass Marble. I used 48. (I also unintentionally ordered clear glass marbles that have an iridescent look to them. This wasn't my plan, but it kind of looks good anyway - so just make sure you get what you want)
1. Prepare the Paper Circles...

If you decide to draw your designs, make sure you make a few extra for mistakes you might make.

I decided to do a Paris love theme.. about a year ago, my husband proposed to me in Paris on the Arch de Triumph.. oh sweet memories!

2. Glue the paper circles to the marbles...

I experimented with a few different ways for the gluing process, and found it was easier to put a dab of glue on the paper and press the marble down on top. This way you can see where the glue is spreading and push the glue where it needs to go.

3. Prepare the Base...

You don't have to paint the base, but I thought a red would compliment the red highlights I made in my images.

Once the paint has dried, simply glue the marbles in place!!




(obviously hadn't put the marbles on yet!)

This was made using small wooden buttons. I actually really like this one! And over time you might get nice brown burn marks on the tops of the buttons for a loving used effect.

So there we have it!
Try it yourself. It's a great craft to do with a friend, and one that you will be able to use most days!

Thanks for checking out this blog!!
(Let me know if you like this kind of thing??)

Kimanh xo


  1. Great tutorial, very cool idea!

  2. I am definitely bookmarking this!! That is just way too cool!

  3. What kind of glue did you use for this one? It looks great!

  4. Hey Beth, I used Unibond Repair Extreme Power Glue. It's a super flexible multi-purpose adhesive. This stuff is magic! Is great to use on glass, plastic, mirrors, metal, and lots more!

    Hope that helps!

  5. BTW!!!

    I forgot to mention how awesome these FEEL to run your hands across!!! I'm getting all crazy ideas with what else you can make with this concept!! Watch this space!!

  6. Love this. Especially love the red!
    Hey I have a question for you. Don't see your email here could you email me at makeitfromscratch at

  7. Okay folks.. I hit a bit of a problem.. before gluing the glass marbles to the paper, I should have spayed the paper with a fixative so that the ink don't bleed :-s If you're using a pre-printed design, that should be fine, but I would test it first!

  8. I love this idea and would love to feature it on my blog! Is that something you would be ok with? Let me know!

  9. What a cute unique way to decorate and personalize the kitchen! I posted a link to your site on my site for my viewers to hop on over to you and check out your great tutorial

    Samantha at TwoHeartsTOgether

  10. I liked it so much, you are very creative person. Greath!!!!

    I also will do the same thing,and I will be wait your new project;)

    Aysen Benhur from Turkey.

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