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Sunday, 5 July 2009

What do you want to WIN!?

Dear you, yes... YOU!

I'd like to thank you for being a part of my new blogging experience!

And to say thank you..

tell me what you want to win!

If I think I can manage the prize and the postage that you choose, then I may just choose you! (So, $1000 and an elephant are perfect examples of what not to choose!) Preferably, choose something that I have made, something that you think I could make, or something from my Etsy store!

I won't be splashing this competition around the place to get extra subscribers - this is for you! Do I have to say it again??? YOU!

So congratulations is already in order for having a special place in my heart!

Two Simple Steps...

1. Think of something you would like to win from me... (and why)
2. Comment on this post and tell me what your super idea is!

Conditions: To enter, you must be a follower of my blog.
Closing date: 12th July 09
Winner announced on the 13th of July!

If you have any questions, please speak to me!

That's all for now...

Kimanh xo


  1. I really like your love tree buttons, I think
    those would be a fab giveaway because of course, they are super cute, and you drew them yourself!
    I have a black coat screaming for those!

  2. Here's what I'd love to win:
    I adore vintage buttons like these.

  3. Ohhh.. two great prizes.. I can see I've made this very hard for myself already! Thanks for commenting guys!

  4. Newbie here, just found you by way of blog upp, so no glue what you make or how to to find your goodies. Looks like a cool blog though. Glad I found my way here.

    I see folks talking about buttons, thats pretty cool, what else do you make?


  5. Hey Sandy, welcome to my blog! I'm still new so I don't have pages of things that I have made, but if you click on "home" at the top right of the page you should be able to scroll down and see What I have done! And in the side bar is a link to my Etsy shop! Let me know what you want to win!

    Kimanh xo

  6. Dear Penelope Cruz,

    I want the birdie buttons.

    Love Choconaut (

  7. Those vintage buttons in baby blue with pink flowers would look perfect on a little girl's cape that I'm making at the moment! Great idea for a giveaway!

  8. Winner Announced...