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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Our Green Thumbs...

If you've been wondering where I've been lately... chances are you might find me with my hubby in our backyard (or eating the produce of it!)

Here's a photo tour of our first ever vegetable garden!

It may look like a sorry sight now, but trust me it gets better. In the top right are chives, underneath is mint, and you're probably wondering what on earth is that blue sheet? Well, it's a lettuce roll! Doesn't look like much there, but keep on scrolling, we can't eat enough to keep it down!

Lettuce starting to push through!!

Still babies...

WOO HOO!! Check it out! 

Taking a decent portion of lettuce like this hardly makes
a dent in our patch.. we haven't had to buy lettuce for

Broccoli! My neighbour warned me of moths that love to
nest in broccoli and would lay its eggs on the underside
of the leaves. So the cardboard around the base is meant to
prevent the moths laying. They didn't stop them all, but
 apparently mine look great compared to others. Still some
 caterpillars but found them early on. 

Voila! That's my broccoli! It makes me so
happy to be able to eat form my own garden!
Yes, they are planted way too close, but
I didn't know any better. 

Runner Beans. We're still waiting produce,
but there are 2 beans! 

Our sugar snap peas have grown almost to the
top of the stakes and producing lots of beans.

Baby red capsicum (peppers). You can see the beginnings
of another in the white flower! 

Picking beans for my lunch!

So what do you think? I'm so pleased with the outcome. I use to think you had to have some sort of great talent to grow vegetables, but now I know it doesn't take much, just some TLC when needed.


  1. I can only hope my garden next year is as awesome as that!

  2. Hi DK,

    It's so worth it! But the size of ours is really a hobby patch, we can't wait for the day when we're much more independent with our food supply. My advice is to find a neighbour that has a garden to be a garden mentor for you. Our neighbour has a lovely garden and is always popping around to see how things are going, and giving advice when needed.

    All the best!


  3. your garden looks lovely! i can't wait for the day when i have enough room to have a real garden and not just some herbs on my back porch!!