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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I cared too much - and got nothing done.

So, I have this blog yeah? I'm pretty sure I don't have any true followers (because no one emailed to ask if I was sick or anything), but I felt under enormous pressure to have overwhelmingly cool crafty tutorials - cause if I'm honest with you, I got heaps of views and it gave me a buzz..

But I started this blog over a year ago, and I don't exactly show signs of a serial blogger - not that I want to be.. BUT.. there are times when I think, "Oh, I'll blog about that - no wait, will people be interested?" Or, "that has nothing to do with my blog."

So I've had to tell myself some very important things:

  • It's MY blog darn it, and I'll post what I feel like posting
  • I don't have to be a "professional" blogger to blog - is there a blogging degree anyway?
  • People like me (we'll get to that) might actually appreciate the things I find on the web, or be interested in topics I research for myself.
SO.. the very important question.. will you join me for the rest of my blogging sensation? I can't promise no grammaticool errors. Nor can I promise every post will dazzle your senses and engage your interest. But you might find we are distant kindred spirits!!! And that would be cool right? The world is a tough place without friends. 

SO x2 you need to know a bit about me, because if we're similar in anyway, I think you know what to do.. here goes:

- I love design - I'm a freelance graphic designer 
- I love cooking - I'm a practicing vegan - but not strictly
- I love beautiful things
- I believe in the Bible - not Christians (know what I mean?)
- I live in the UK. Itching to move back to my homeland Australia (plans are underway so watch this space)
- I LOVE gardens - veggie gardens mostly. 
- I see lots of cool stuff on the web, and I think I should share. Yeh?

I don't have a very eye-catching and beautiful photo to attach to this post.. I just HAVE to get this out there. And guess what? (This is rather smug) I'm not going to proof read this post.. go on take that... it's like a conversation. Take a mistake like I stuttered? Is that ok? Oh please let it be okay. 

To summarise this post in a sentence... I've missed blogging. Oh wait one more... I'm just going to post whatever I feel like, not what I think people will like.

Hang on.. this reminds me of something.. this is corny.. but is that not the name of my blog?  

I apologise if I sound arrogant.. but I need to stop thinking too much about what I post. And I hope, I really do hope, that you enjoy the things that I have to share. 

Over and out for now... and wait for the many more posts to come! 

p.s. you know what.. I'm a ____________ (can't think of an appropriate word).. I totally read through this post and fixed some mistakes, and inserted some missing words.

p.p.s do you have an appropriate word? I thought of loser.. but I didn't want to put myself down and be all negative... hmmm.


  1. Sometimes, it just gets tiring doesn't it? Don't feel bad... unless someone's paying you, you don't have any obligation to post unless you damn well feel like it.

  2. Post as much or as little as you like- people will read it or miss out :)

  3. I found your blog a while ago searching for shrinky dink instructions. I booked marked you in my reader. I'm glad you're posting again :D !!

  4. Awww guys... thanks for the comments/encouragement... I shall power on.. not because I must.. but because there are some things that are just worth sharing!


  5. hi there! ive been an avid follower of your blog from the mini toadstool pencils (which i still try to find those buttons in my country till date! grrr), shrink buttons and your designs!

    im so glad you're back blogging all your cool/amazing finds and i do hope you'd continue on! well of course, the blog is yours and you can update whenever you want it! (: we'd still be here lingering though! haha.

    keep well:)


  6. Hey Lynn, that's very sweet of you to take the time to comment! Just what I needed to hear!

    Where are you? I think those wooden buttons are pretty standard in wood working.. they pop into the hole that is left once a screw has been put into place!

    Let me know where you are and maybe I can help :)


  7. :D I live in singapore! I tried hunting for them at the local art stores, but I couldn't find them =/ Haha, it's alright, Imma be hunting for them at some flea markets that are coming up soon. Thanks alot though =)

    Hope everything's been good for you! :)