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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pinterest - I CANNOT get enough!

This is my pinboard "Just Beautiful" - images that resonate, or leave me silent.

I cannot tell you of the exercise my index finger has had scrolling down the wonderful pinboards on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual collection of boards made up of people like you and me... I first discovered Pinterest from Cool Hunting.. and I was instantly hooked.

Hooked...yes... but not in a bad way. Because it's now my form of online bookmarking (and that's a healthy, organised thing right?).

It's doesn't suit everything I want to bookmark. For example, it might be a whole website that I want to save; that's not where Pinterest comes in handy. Let's say you stumble across an amazing recipe that you would like to use some day... All you do is press the magic Pin It button that can be installed onto your web browers menu bar, and presto, a window pops up and you pin the image that you want, onto the board that you want. It automatically saves the link for the next time you want to revisit that site.

Here are some more of my boards. You should make some of your own!

That's it. Share the love.

p.s. Did I mention AWESOME for people planning weddings??

p.p.s I know I said I cannot get enough of Pinterest... but I can.. the lovely thing is.. the pages don't scroll forever, there's a time to say goodbye and look a real person in the face.

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